Blockchain Adoption, Innovation and Regulation

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It is the privilege of a generation to get to live through the unfolding of truly transformative technology. Our generation gets to enjoy this multiple time as we live in the age of exponential technologies amongst which blockchain takes centerstage. However, despite everything being accelerated and potentially disrupted – some fundamentals will apply. Most importantly the dynamics of innovation and regulation.

Typically, tech-entrepreneurs and their backers tend to focus on the technology and business aspects, which are vital. Nevertheless, as soon as technology gets deployed in regulated spaces such as most notably in the financial services arena, it is equally important to understand the dynamics of regulation as the winning dominant design. The solution which aligns the market place is formed by a combination of the technology dominant design and the regulatory design. In this course, we will explore both concepts and highlight the current state of play with a focus on key locations. 

Learning objectives:

  • Develop a solid understanding of the dynamics of innovation and regulation
  • Develop awareness for emerging regulation and its potential implications
  • Understand important topics and current trends

Why should you take this course?

  • Blockchain offers the potential to change businesses in every industry but initial impact is in particular also in the financial services arena where regulation is key
  • Condensed knowledge provides the perfect starting point
  • Quizzes offer the opportunity to track your process and gain a certificate


Dr. Guenther Dobrauz is a Partner with PwC in Zurich, Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland, a member of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team directing the firm’s global legal practice comprising 4000+ lawyers in 90+ countries and both the firm’s Global Financial Services Legal Leader and Global LegalTech Leader.
Guenther is the author of eight books on innovation and the European, Swiss and Liechtenstein legal regulatory framework as well as of 100+ publications in international expert magazines and has to date been speaking at more than 200 conferences worldwide. Guenther is a permanent member of the Swiss Fund & Asset Management Association’s Specialists Committee “Legal & Compliance Asset Management”, of the ecomomiesuisse “Financial Market Regulation” working group, of the Regulatory Working Group at Swiss Fintech Innovations, a Member of the Advisory Board of the Swiss LegalTech Association and of European Law Observatory on New Technologies (ELONTech), Co-Host of Legal Hackers Zurich and a lecturer at various universities around the world.

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