Blockchain Use Cases: Identification and Implementation

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Blockchain technology is gaining ever more wide-spread interest, particularly due to its applications in business and finance. The blockchain field has matured since the invention of Bitcoin more than a decade ago and it has become clear that the technology can have a huge impact on business operations, but that it is still not the silver bullet. Looking at both the successful and unsuccessful blockchain projects, our analyses have shown that most blockchain projects don’t stall because of tech insufficiencies, but because of hurdles on the way, be it wrong product market fit and suitability, poor planning and execution, or a lack of product adoption. 

Thus, this lecture tackles everything necessary for the adoption of blockchain products in our daily lives; the practical aspects surrounding the technology and following from the technology.

Without skipping the technical side of blockchain altogether, we will focus on the relevant aspects and experience the 4 key mechanisms that make blockchain technology possible in a hands-on manner, as it is very important to deeply understand a technology’s way of functioning before jumping into its applicability. After the theory and practice introduction, participants will learn how blockchain can and is already being used in different industries for various applications. Best-in-class examples of up-and-running blockchain projects, both large and small, will be used to derive best-practices in the implementation part. Failed, stalled, or delayed rollouts will be showcased to highlight hurdles and bottlenecks in the planning, executing, and product design. We will touch upon templates and checklists for the participants to avoid the most common mistakes and apply the learnings also outside this course. In the last chapter, we will expand our horizon and explore new business models, secondary revenue streams, professional services, and investment opportunities in the blockchain space – all beyond the mere cost-saving applications that are currently prevalent in blockchain. 

This course is intended for everyone interested in the business- and finance-relevant aspects of blockchain. So, whether you work in a consultancy, a fund, a university, a startup, a financial institution, or by yourself, this course equips you with everything important and saves valuable time.

Learning objectives:

  • Build up a deep understanding about the key mechanisms that make blockchain technology possible 
  • Develop a feeling and acquire a hands-on toolkit with frameworks and templates, to combine both to confidently identify blockchain use cases and plan for their correct implementation
  • Understand the additional benefits, new business models, secondary revenue streams, as well as professional services and investment options there are in the blockchain space 

Course USPs:

  • Most businesses and industries can be transformed by blockchain to varying degrees
  • Participants from management, finance, venture capital, IT, and business need to be aware of the disruption potential and ways of how to respond to potential threats
  • We have developed an effective way to distil and communicate our years-long research and practical expertise to provide our audience with the most relevant content in a digestible fashion
  • We have broken down the theory in a structured way that helps to understand the bigger picture along with its crucial individual elements, so that participants will leave the course equipped with a new toolkit, rather than just a collection of knowledge
    • This approach helps us to “teach the teacher”: We want to build the new masterminds, who can make their own decisions; who can spot, build, and develop amazing use cases; who can say with confidence whether or not blockchain really makes sense for their business or fund; who can supervise and execute blockchain projects; who can market a blockchain product in the most relevant way; and who really have internalised the benefits and drawbacks of the technology
  • A final quiz helps participants to verify their understanding of the concepts


Dr. Natalie Tillack applies her scientific and blockchain background with the business expertise acquired at McKinsey & Company to entrepreneurship underneath the umbrella term of digital innovation and deep tech. As the CEO and co-founder of, she now combines management strategy, venture capital, and blockchain: On one hand bringing growth and scale to blockchain ventures, on the other hand, embedding blockchain into corporate strategies or investment theses. Natalie’s passion lies in the adoption of deep tech, hence her educational focus as a lecturer, co-developer of university curricula for blockchain lectures, and frequent speaking gigs at MIT, the Harvard Business School, and all around Europe. In McKinsey’s Berlin office, she worked with startups and large institutions around the globe in industries such as retail, insurance, finance, and healthcare. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computational Physics at Oxford University in 2016 and cherishes the strong ties she has to the alumni societies of Oxford, the Max Planck Society, and the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for her work in the public sector.

Chapter 1: Basics of blockchain

Chapter 2: Applications of blockchain

Chapter 3: Blockchain implementation

Chapter 4: Big Picture

Chapter 5: Outro

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Sehr informativ!

Ein informativer Kurs, der endlich mal die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten der Blockchain auf den Punkt bringt. Auf relevante Details, wie die praktische Einführung der Blockchain in eine Unternehmensstruktur, wird auch super Bezug genommen.

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