Blockchain in a Nutshell

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These days we realize that digitization is a crucial topic on a global scale and blockchain technology will play a major role in a truly digital and global economy as well as society. This course provides a comprehensive overview about the three important aspects of blockchain: Technology, application and regulation.


  • Dr. Natalie Tillack (Co-Founder of Scalewonder)
  • Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna (Partner and Leader PwC Legal Services, Global LegalTech Leader, PwC Switzerland)
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner (Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center)

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Veröffentlicht vor 1 Jahr
Good Introduction

Good Introduction

Alexander Schmidt
Veröffentlicht vor 1 Jahr
High Level overview of blockchain topics

Thanks for the introductory overview of blockchain topics.

Yannik Lammerich
Veröffentlicht vor 1 Jahr
Simple and good Informations

As someone who is not really into crypto currency, this course is a good way to start, e.g. smart contracts, as its described in the first chapter. But in the second chapter, the ähms of Ms. Tillack are so disturbing, that it feels useless for me to watch it, because every sentence is atleast one ähm and then I cant concentrate.

Benoît-Lotfi Jacquelin
Veröffentlicht vor 2 Jahren
simple and solid basis to understand blockchain from a high level perspective

Really good introduction from a high level perspective to the fundamentals of blockchain (what is it for, use cases and regulation) . Simple english and easy to follow. For this price what more to ask?

Veröffentlicht vor 3 Jahren
Simple basis very well explained

A very good introduction to the basics of blockchain and crypto technologies. Simple English and easy to follow. Completed in one breath.

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Wie fandest du die Schulung? Wir würden uns sehr über deine Meinung freuen!
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