Dr. Natalie Tillack

Dr. Natalie Tillack applies her scientific and blockchain background with the business expertise acquired at McKinsey & Company to entrepreneurship underneath the umbrella term of digital innovation and deep tech. As the CEO and co-founder of DenkFabrik.io, she now combines management strategy, venture capital, and blockchain: On one hand bringing growth and scale to blockchain ventures, on the other hand, embedding blockchain into corporate strategies or investment theses. Natalie’s passion lies in the adoption of deep tech, hence her educational focus as a lecturer, co-developer of university curricula for blockchain lectures, and frequent speaking gigs at MIT, the Harvard Business School, and all around Europe. In McKinsey’s Berlin office, she worked with startups and large institutions around the globe in industries such as retail, insurance, finance, and healthcare. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computational Physics at Oxford University in 2016 and cherishes the strong ties she has to the alumni societies of Oxford, the Max Planck Society, and the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for her work in the public sector.

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