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Craft Ice Cream


Craft ice cream means, that our product is not made at an industrial level. We take pride on making our ice cream ourselves. The word expresses that the manufactured product has a certain amount of art. That’s exactly how we understand ice making. As an art.


We use Heumilch (hay-milk) as the basis for our ice cream. These cows are fed in a very special, traditional way: in summertime, they eat grasses and herbs in the pasture, and in the winter, hay. Naturally, organic hay-milk must comply with the requirements of the EU organic regulation. This means: organically produced food, animal welfare with plenty of space in the barn and pasture. No preventive use of antibiotics and no use of genetic engineering.




Our flavours come from traditional Italian and Argentinian recipes. To make our ice cream unique, we combine high quality milk with ingredients from around the world. We also offer lactose-free and vegan options, including vegan cones.

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